Innovation inspired by nature


Charles Viancin started the CHARLES VIANCIN GROUP in 2005

As a former Director of Marketing for a European manufacturer of kitchenware products, he was eager to expand the consumer market on a global scale. Thus, CHARLES VIANCIN GROUP was born. There he was free to implement his vision as he saw fit and it was quickly recognized that his expertise and innovative designs would soon propel him to new heights within this truly unique market.

CHARLES VIANCIN GROUP is a French company
based in the French Alps near Lake Annecy

CHARLES VIANCIN ® offers a wide range of fun and functional kitchen accessories. From silicone lids to cooking utensils to bottle stoppers, Charles Viancin’s designs are inspired by nature and his attraction to beauty and detail.

CHARLES VIANCIN® began distributing its products in Japan in 2011
and in the United States in 2012,

expansion continued as the company opened branches in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The success of the brand abroad prompted Charles Viancin to expand to Europe in 2014 with the addition of a new branch in the United Kingdom (CHARLES VIANCIN UK LIMITED®) and the launch of an online shop in the spring of 2015:

In March of 2015, CHARLES VIANCIN GROUP celebrated its 10 year anniversary

 by opening a new head office and showroom in the heart of the French Alps.