Daisy Bottle Stopper (Purple)

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Smart and playful, the hermetic cork in silicone CHARLES VIANCIN ® is ideal to recork an open bottle! Practical and easy to take in hand, it is recommended to preserve all the flavor and the quality of drinks. Its hermetic lock is a real barrier to entry of air, so avoiding the oxidation of the wine. Slept or back to front, the bottle remains tight. Flexible hose, it adapts itself to all the bottles assuring an easy rebouchage of the wine, the syrups … Easy of maintenance, it cleans itself in the dishwasher. Corks of bottle POPPY ®, WINTERBERRY ®, DAISY ®, LILYPAD ®, SUNFLOWER ® and HIBISCUS ®: a wide range of corks in silicone, inspired by the nature, to coordinate in the colors of every table, with coasters and drink covers CHARLES VIANCIN ®.


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